Hello, I'm Dash!

I'm Dash (yes really! - well sort of...) most of my friends have called me Dash for so long I can't remember why!- real name Brendan!

I operated a successful studio and wedding photography service for quite a few years from 2007 onwards.

We took a break to spend some time with family and other projects and now I am thrilled to be back and photographing weddings across the North.

I love meeting and getting to know my clients and enjoy getting the best from my clients for their portraits or wedding photography.

I operate both in the northeast & northwest of the UK, I have assistant photographers based in Carlisle & Durham.

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Our Photography Equipment

I have always worked with Canon equipment since I began my photography career and they have never let me down. My main camera is a Canon 5D MKIV. I also have a mirrorless camera as backup.


I use a range of Godox flash equipment with a range of accessories to ensure the best results for your photography. My daughter often works alongside me and also uses Canon equipment.

We use high-quality speed-lite flash and can work either on-camera or off-camera for a more creative approach.

We also can provide a 'studio to you' service for portraits and other photography services.

As an experienced studio operator, I have photographed many clients in the studio, on location, or at their homes.


Clients were always much more relaxed in a familiar environment and you could see this in the images.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.